Stuart: I’m thinking of developing a desert region, fairly sparsely populated, perhaps once more fertile and home to an elder, non-human civilization, but now fairly arid, with just the odd settlement around an oasis (e.g. Sahara or Gobi desert). Quite a large expanse of territory, say about 1,500 miles east to west, and over 850 miles north to south. If we had a world map, I could drop it in somewhere there. Thinking of using it for the odd adventure but not epic campaigns.

Right now I’m just seeing a BIG desert, with the caliphates on the coast being trading ports and pirate havens for corsairs, and some oasis cities in the hinterland where water exists.

I’m also thinking about having serpent people in the desert region as an additional race, sort of like the yuan ti in D&D. They’re not hiding away in ruins, though, although they are treated very much as second class citizens in human cities and largely keep themselves to themselves. Probably worship Yig too, the blighters!

Oh yeah, there’s also a big area called the Lake of Glass where a meteorite struck, destroying the capital of the old serpent empire millenia ago.

Think I’ll call it the Desert of Wraiths. Will also develop Palashtar, one of the port cities, dominated by the mad half ogre corsair lord, Taram Shee (aka the Laughing Giant).


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