Isle of Jawhar

Population: 0ver 100,000

Government: autocracy (caliphate)

Culture: arabic/ cosmopolitan

Racial Groups: humans (80%); humanoids 20%

Summary of Jawhar, Jewel of the Azure Sea

Ruled in theory by Abdul al Hadiz, 23rd Caliph of Jawhar, it is a well known secret that whilst the pampered caliph reclines on thousands of cushions, eating grapes, and being waited on by dozens of servants, that the real rulers of Jawhar are his Ruling Council, whose members represent key merchant families based in the city. ‘Merchant families’ is the polite term, since they all have their origins in piracy, freebooting and other dubious acts, and have managed to get to power via the use of sharp blades, as well as blackmail and coercion. Most notorious amongst Jawhar’s Ruling Council is Ozric ‘The Kraken’ Shammal, in whose boat (carrack) so named (The Kraken) has terrorised the high seas for many a year. He is sworn enemy of Taram Shee. Another infamous member of the Ruling Council is Faro Marek, a bucaneer of renown, who is as cunning as she is ruthless, both with a sword, as well as in love. No love is lost either between herself or The Kraken, though the cause of this feud are not public knowledge.

Jawhar is not only a beautiful island. It is both tactically advantageous to its ruling elite, being in the centre of the trade routes through this region, as well as being very defensible. It also has the good fortune to be sitting on top of some valuable gemstone mines, thus the name of the isle ‘Jawhar’ which translates as ‘Jewel’.

One of the largest islands off the Desert of Wraiths, the city was created inside the interior of a caldera of a now extinct volcano. The volcanic ash has made the soils incredibly fertile, and the existence of hot water springs….

Isle of Jawhar

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