Population: 30,000

Government: tyranny (pirate)

Culture: human (coastal)

A major coastal city on the fringes of the Desert of Wraiths, Palashtar has grown up as a corsair haven and trading entrepot. It has always been governed by buccaneers, self-styled pirate overlords who tolerate the use of their settlement by corsairs and slavers – for the right fee, of course.

Palashtar of the Seven Towers is also known for its large slave market and fortified harbour. It has never fallen to siege. It has a substantial walled caravanserai outside its south gate, and is a well-known transhipment point for merchants working the trade routes between desert and sea.

A small shanty town of serpent people, imaginatively named Snake Town, sits outside the walls to the west, near the salt flats of Elekand. It is home to nearly 3000 of the reptiles, and is condsidered one of the bigger pure serpent towns known to humankind (other larger ones are rumoured in the deeper desert).


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