What gawds should exist? What kind of battles have existed bewteen them? Are there competing patheons?

I am all for completing pantheons – at least on the surface – reflecting different cultures. I rather like the idea though that a trickster gawd like Loki would be more than happy ‘dressing up/ changing his hat’ to suit his audience!

Thinking just for now of relevant gawds for the setting…..

these could be put under various headings – maybe!!:

Old Gawds (elemental forces of nature – ala Elric; Titans – Scarred Lands….) eg Oceanus, Death….or a Loa, such as Agwe, a haitian vooddoo gawd of the sea..

New gawds (children of old gawds/ new money gawds who have worked their way up), eg Thor

Local gawds – minor deities with only a fragment of power – which is localised.

Dead gawds – well – not quite yet – but have very few/ if any, worshippers.

Nature gawds – eg beast gods, shark gawds

Spirits: in every tree, river, lake, forest, creature….

How about Djinn? What is their role in the setting? Why are they involved in the affairs of humanity etc? Are they tied to a locale?…..

In Elric, gawds had to be appeased. This certainly fits into the Titans of Scarred Lands….. and likewise fits into how people appeased/ worshipped the gawds in the past

Ideas then on gawds:

Gods by realm? *(biggest playas in the world – ala Erikson): *what are the realms?

Planes of Light, Shadow and Darkness?
Planes of elements – being? Water, air, earth, fire.
(& wood?)
Feywild? Shadowfell? 4e ideas – thus Seelie/ Unseelie courts in the land of the Fey – which is coterminus with the north, of rain, and woodland.

Thus for this setting – what realm lies coterminus with it? Elemental planes?

  • Fire – for Efreet?
  • Water – for Marid? to use D&D categories.

Mythical realms:

  • Asgard etc for the Norse
  • what does this region have as mythical realms?


Pirate themed ones:
- Agwe, a haitian vooddoo gawd (Loa) of the sea.
- Shark gawd – name??
- Octopus gawd

The Serpent Empire
– who did they worship? Yigg?

Persian/ Arabic Pantheon.
- do we steal from world religions here?

Cosmopolitan deities – to riff off Lankhmar:
- rat god
- cat god
- gods of a city (unique to one – its ancestors)

and the list could go on…


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