Snake Town

Population: 3000+ (no official census, shanty town)

Government: council elects headman

Culture: reptile (snake folk, poor)

Snake Town is a small shanty village about four miles due west of the corsair city of Palashtar. It is inhabited almost exclusively by the disenfranchised serpent people of the Desert of Wraiths. Most of the population is poor, and they survive by a combination of begging, fishing, thievery and it is rumoured some slave trading and piracy.

The settlement is the largest known serpent town on the Corsair Coast or anywhere else. It is understood to have a headman regulatory elected by a council of senior snake folk, and some form of tribute is paid on a monthly basis of the Caliph of Palashtar.

Snake Town is generally avoided by humans – those who enter without proper protection rarely return. It is also thought to be a covert centre of worship for the ancient gods of the serpent folk, but this has never been proven.

Snake Town

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