Tora’galal: The Thousand Islands

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A scattered chain of tropical islands and atolls.Toragalal 300

01: Strange metal objects often wash up on the beach of these low islands, which fetch a high price in the markets of Pung’kuato. The metal is strong and light and unknown elsewhere in the world.

02: This island is ruled by the priesthood of the Sea Titan, a local god not worshipped elsewhere in the Thousand Islands. The Sea Titan is never seen, but his priests direct the people to strike against the inhabitants of 01 for unknown reasons; the raids have thus far been small in scale and have not had much effect.

03: This cluster of islands is closest to the mainland and is governed by a cooperative with no single permanent leader. The largest island is also the site of the town and trading post Pung’kuato; most non-locals have their base here.

04: Poha’galal: This beautiful high island is avoided by most locals as a result of its deadly wildlife. Flowers and fruit from Poha’galal can fetch high prices at market, if anyone is brave enough to venture inland to harvest them.


Octopodes, rats, sharks, wild boar.
Lug is a great ocean monster, larger than entire islands. A servant of Mehana.


Hana’galal is the mythical homeland of the island peoples, from where they originally came before settling in the Thousand Islands.
Mehana is the name given to the ocean, one of the two primal forces of nature which bring life but can also end it. The other is Holhana, the primal sky.
The Sea Titan is a local deity unseen by all but his priesthood and unknown beyond his island. His teachings are obscure, but seem to be based around eliminating the inhabitants of 01.

Rulesy Bits

People of Tora’galal have bonuses to boating, navigation and swimming.


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