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The idea is to gibber about major issues which affect the whole design build. Likewise, it would be good if we could communicate a little about ideas for areas folks are taking responsibility for, to make sure they gel with the whole. :)

Overview / initial brainstorm page onto which we can discuss broad brush strokes for areas/ cultures – before moving discussions to more specialised areas.

Maps World map; Regional Maps; Local Maps

Geography of the region climate; flora and fauna

Tora’galal: The Thousand Islands

Desert of Wraiths: the large desert, where the serpent empire previously existed, with the Lake of Glass.

Lake of Glass

Isle of Jawhar

Society technology, culture, politics, economy, art.



World history (e.g. climate change, fallen empires like Acheron in Hyboria, cataclysms like the Rain of Fire in Greyhawk, other significant issues like the lack of divine magic in Krynn, etc.)

Planar links

Taram Shee: a corsair lord, also known as the Laughing Giant
Ozric Shammal: a corsair lord, also known as ‘The Kraken’
Faro Marek: a corsair bucaneer who is known for her flair, panache, and bravado.

Main Page

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